During and after the completion of my Ph.D., I have held a number of positions outside of the realm of research. I am currently the Head of Data Science at 5-Out, a predictive analytics startup focused on providing restaurants with accurate and insightful forecasts for things like revenue, staffing requirements, inventory management, and food prep.

Outside of my responsibilities at 5-Out, I have been a machine learning and data science consultant for a number of smaller projects and some larger ones, like those listed below.

In late 2021 and early 2022, I began working with 5-Out as a consultant to help them understand the pros and cons of their existing models and create a framework to work within to improve the performance of these models. In 2020 and early 2021, I was a consultant to a group of investors, conducting due diligence on a prospective investment in a cryptocurrency startup and a sports gambling startup.

Between 2015 and 2021, I was a software engineering and data science consultant for Churchill Engineers in New Jersey, where I performed various services to improve the productivity of the accounting department and project managers. I reverse-engineered obfuscated database schemas and wrote a number of SQL reports to streamline the workflow of accountants. I also designed and built a web application using the python Django web framework that enables project managers to easily and efficiently track the progress of employees in the field. The application, called Inspector DataBase (IDB), allows managers to quickly visualize employees whose jobs are almost over, who are due for raises, who need to renew certifications, and a plethora of other information. It saves them hours of work every time a new job proposal is written, and helps employees get matched to projects so that as few people are idle as possible.

In summer 2016, I worked as a software engineering intern at a startup called Spotfund. At Spotfund, I designed and implemented a recommendation system for categorizing charities based on their official descriptions, names, and related charities. I also designed and implented an analytics and accounting reconciliation platform. Outside of the data science realm, I implemented backend features for the Spotfund platform using the Django web framework, and customized a URL shortener to incorporate deeplinks in order to track marketing efforts.